Welcome to “NOVIAC” – we are “under construction.”

Welcome to a “NEW” website which is currently entitled “The National Organization for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime” – a/k/a “NOVIAC.”    On March 4, 2016, Mr. Kent Terry, the brother of Arizona Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, met with Mr. Donald J. Trump and PERSONALLY HAND DELIVERED these documents to Mr. Trump.
In light of the 2016, Presidential Elections, one candidate has stood out among the rest in his attention and support of those families and individuals who have been victimized by Illegal Immigration and Illegal Alien Crime. 
I have never seen a more opportune time for these specific families, the “Victims of Illegal Alien Crime” to define themselves. With that said, I, along with many of the families of these crimes have worked together, drafting these documents.  The following documents were submitted to Mr. Trump.  (See the above links for all documents)
On February 24, 2016, the following documents were submitted, e-mailed and sent “Priority Mail” – (Signature required) to the Donald J. Trump Campaign on behalf of the thousands of “Victims” of Illegal Alien Crime.  
 1. The “NOVIAC” Proposal;
2. A Cover Letter to Donald J. Trump;
3. A “NOVIAC” letter to Victims; and
4. The “Next” Kate Steinle? (the new “Victim” SARAH ROOT)
KENT TERRY, brother of Border Patrol Agent, BRIAN TERRY, with his sister and DONALD TRUMP
KENT TERRY, brother of Border Patrol Agent, BRIAN TERRY, with his sister Michelle Terry-Balogh, Board of Directors-Treasure of the Brian Terry Foundation and DONALD TRUMP
There is no doubt that NOVIAC “must” become a powerful and national organization that will be the 1st National Victims Organization.  To date, we have not had any response or action from Mr. Trump or his campaign.  Once we do, we will immediately share it with you!
Your personal input to Mr. Trump will help move this effort to fruition.
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17 thoughts on “Welcome to “NOVIAC” – we are “under construction.”

  1. So many people are becoming victims of illegal aliens in my town and no one does anything to stop it. I think this is a great idea! I hope Donald Trump does something about this problem if he wins or loses. this national organization is a good plan. too bad it doesnt’ exist already because these victims should have a national group just like others who have victims hurt by things that affect the whole country! Good job and good luck.

    1. THIS IS NOW PUBLIC! PLEASE SHARE WITH ANYONE YOU WISH! All options are on the table for the help for these “victims of illegal alien crime” to organize for the 1st time in US HISTORY, a NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIME – which would be on the SAME TERMS and LEVEL as those that represent OTHER VICTIMS in other crimes for i.e. drinking and driving or any other victim organization! Your help getting the word out is WHAT WILL MAKE THIS A REALITY!

  2. Thank you for setting up this much needed website and for your efforts to reach out to Donald Trump. This is long overdue. I hope all victims and their families contribute regularly. America must hear our voices and Washington must obey.

  3. ABSOLUTE “First Rate.”

    NOT typical right wing, “Patriot” Bullshit that currently clogs the blogosphere.

    NO stupid chest thumping, about “pick up a GUN to take our country back,” bs but practical, “hands on” citizen activism designed to help the ONE respectable Republican candidate!


    I’ve always respected you as a “pissed off” mother who wants to kick the illegal aliens in the ASS and send them BACK to Mexico!

    NOW I see you as a true community political activist with a political future, in congress, or higher!

    You GO Girl,

    Count me in!

  4. A site for the victims & their families, run by them is very definitely needed. There are more victims then just those who have been killed. Rapes, hit & runs, home invasions all have victims and they need to be represented also! Here they also can help & heal!

  5. Wonderful web-site for the victims and there family killed by Illegal people in this country. We have laws but they will not obey them.Let us all help in any way we can.

  6. We’re always hearing about how awful life is for illegal aliens who are ‘living in the shadows and how their families are ‘torn apart’ because of our laws…
    but nobody talks about the American lives that are taken & destroyed by illegals – torn apart forever. Illegals make the choice to come here illegally and suffer the consequence of that choice. Their victims get no choice.
    Please share this site to remind everyone who the real victims of illegal immigration are.
    #BuildTheWall #Trump2016

  7. It was never about racism, but crime, criminal activity, persecuting or terrorizing American citizens. Trump is the only one who stood up against this “silencing dissenters through PC”. Breath of air amongst an unconstitutional govt gone rogue, even financially destroying citizens.

  8. My identity was stolen by an illegal in Florida. Apparently, Illegal Rolando Jimenez, used my Social security number to file a fraudulent Workers Compensation Claim. It’s been stolen numerous times now.

    1. You are the type of victims who have gone so long without being recognized or having the support you need!
      We hope to be able to change that though NOVIAC! Welcome!

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