WANTED: USA “NOVIAC” State Coordinators


“NOVIAC” State Coordinators

Please contact any of NOVIAC’s State Coordinators  if you are a “victim” or if you would like to volunteer to help NOVIAC.   We would like to hear from ALL VICTIMS, LIVING & Families who have had their loved ones taken from them by illegal immigration.  Please reach out to our State Coordinators by emailing us at NOVIACAUSA@gmail.com  We will forward your contact information to the appropriate State Coordinator.   Because NOVIAC is currently building it’s database, we ask for your patience and also your help in this endeavor.  NOVIAC belongs to all of us!   It is WE THE PEOPLE of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who are the victims in one way or the other due to crimes committed by illegal immigration.    It will take ALL of us!   We look forward to hearing from you and working with each and every one of you!

WE NEED coordinators in all 50 states.  If you would be willing to volunteer for this position, please contact us as NOVIACUSA@gmail.com.    More than one coordinator is greatly appreciated for all States and cities.     Please help invite your friends and family to assist in helping NOVIAC.

STATE           CITY                    State Coordinator(s)                E-mail

TEXAS:           HOUSTON           Michelle Prescott                    NOVIACUSA@gmail.com